John Gonzales presents


Written and performed by John Gonzales
Produced by John Gonzales, Denise McCrory

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It’s 1981! The corpse of DISCO, the flames of PUNK, the plastic smell of NEW WAVE, and the balls of ROCK ‘N’ ROLL, all converge and merge on a seemingly peaceful street in WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA, along with the stories of a 12-YEAR-OLD BOY raised by a PILL-POPPING SINGLE MOTHER and the many GAY MEN in their life.


Against a backdrop of music, JOHNNY ’81 weaves together a collection of stories based on a 12-year-old boy’s experience of living in West Hollywood during the early 1980’s. These semi-autobiographical tales bring to life the humor and drama of how a group of gay men became strange and amazing surrogate fathers to a pre-teen boy and his younger brother. The show puts forth the premise that the stories of our lives are not made up by ourselves, but rather, by those people who choose to share their own lives with us, or choose not to; and we ultimately decide each day whether to bury these stories or sling them over our shoulders and own them. The feel of JOHNNY ’81 is like spending the day listening to old record albums, or like being at a concert, with stories that make us reflect on our lives and the world we live in, or tales that make you just want to get up out of your seat and dance!

ABOUT JOHN GONZALES (writer/performer)

Born in Los Angeles, and raised all over SoCal, John Gonzales is a proud Angeleno and cultural mutt. John’s passion for storytelling has been realized in many artistic pursuits. He is an award winning filmmaker, published short story writer and poet, music producer, songwriter, musician… a madly creative dabbler… and of course, a teller of tales.

JOHNNY ’81 is John’s first full length solo performance show and he looks forward to sharing his gift as a storyteller in a bold and unique way.

John currently resides in the Los Angeles area, with his wife Kathy (who weaves storytelling magic of her own behind the lens of a camera), and their seven children.



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